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I may not have the end all answer for you, but I’m always analyzing what separates those who are just alright from those who are extraordinary. And my interest is because I’ve come to realize – in business, you have to be GREAT to succeed.

Good is not good enough. So when you hear people whine about not making the kind of money they desire to, or not excelling in their career – chances are it’s because they’re only doing what’s required of them.

Good by definition means having the qualities required for a particular role – this means if you want to go beyond that …the ‘qualities’ required for where you are now will keep you there. See what I’m getting at here?
Great by definition is operating at an intensity considerably above the normal or average – and while normal or average is difficult to define …just take a look around you. Average is everywhere.

Some people don’t want to be great and that’s okay, but they want ALL the benefits that come along with greatness. If that isn’t an oxymoron, I don’t know what is. So when people complain about the lack of ‘greatness’ in their lives, I tell them it’s a simple case of cause and effect.

You want more? BE more. DO more.

Now here’s the good news about achieving greatness. You’re not very far off…

When people say things like, ‘the competition is fierce’ or ‘I’d do this but it’s too competitive.’ – I sort of scoff.
I had a meeting the other day – one that went horribly wrong for the opposing party and one that got my blood boiling after realizing I had wasted my time. They came unprepared and lacked knowledge in the subject matter they were supposedly experts in. I could compile a laundry list of errors – but bottom line, they were rookies.
Want to know why people ‘at the top’ say no so often? Because there are a million of the above running around acting like that. They’re good, but not good enough. Which is great news.

The silver lining is there really isn’t ANY competition. Why?

Because most people are unprepared, most people don’t go above and beyond, most don’t bother to foster relationships or follow up. So you see? The path to greatness is not very far off.


    1. Be prepared. If you want something from someone, make sure you know about who they are, what their company is about and find a way to add value to them …for free, at first.
    2. Don’t ask before you give. That simple. I get messages daily from people asking me for my time, advice etc. Why should I be motivated to help a complete stranger who is only looking to benefit her/himself? Apply that question to things you may be asking for. Are you being selfish? Always add value first.
  • Keep in touch: Some relationships have to be fostered for years before they ‘pay off’ – the fortune is always in the follow up. It’s really easy to get discouraged. For every person giving up, it puts you one inch closer to where you want to be.
  • Go above and beyond: It’s really easy to just do the bare minimum, but people notice when you’re not trying your hardest. Your boss, your clients – when people wonder why they didn’t get the promotion …look in the mirror; there’s your answer.
  • Be self-aware: This may be the most crucial tip. People are running around unaware that everything happening to them is because of them. It’s a cold hard fact to accept. If you have self-awareness, you’ve already won. Without it, you’ll be floating through life wondering why opportunities keep passing you by, blaming others for your misfortunes.

That’s it. Apply these five simple strategies to your life and watch yourself soar to the next level. I know, it’s easier said than done but if you can create the above habits – they will become second nature to you, and become a part of who you are. And who you are is everything when it comes to where you want to go in life.